Your life matters, we care about you.

We have the needed resources to take care of people with different psychological or emotional needs. Contact us to get the needed support.

Personality Disorders

Expert services are essential in helping people overcome personality disorders and we have just the right blend of experts for that . If you have trouble perceiving and relating to situations and people, we are here to help you.



Therapy is an effective technique we use to understand people who are addicted to various substances and acts. We also employ the use of other tried and tested techniques to help people overcome their addiction.



If you are persistently feeling sad, gloomy or empty, we can help you unearth the root cause of your sadness and get you back on your feet. A lot of people may not understand what you are going through but we do. Get in touch.


General Counselling

We conduct marriage and family counselling, rehabilitation counselling, substance abuse counselling among others. Our team of experts are always available to take your through these processes professionally.


Our team of specialists is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the treatment of mental and psychological health conditions. We have residential and day treatment programs where we use Psychotherapy, CBT, Elijah Project, Physical recreational activities, and Family therapies. We also recommend prescription medication to help treat certain conditions when needed. Our office spaces and residential facilities are very therapeutic, green, and comfortable for your journey into recovery.

Our Success Depends on the Team

We offer world-class Wellness and Recovery Services using the Spearhead Approach.

We have a serene, peaceful, colorful, clean, flowery, and welcoming space for your Recovery. It's a HOME.


Clinical Psychology

This branch of psychology is concerned with the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of mental illness. We have the expertise to help diagnose and treat such problems. Diagnosing such problems at an early stage also helps in treatment.

Bevioural Psychology

Understanding the connection between our minds and behaviour is key to resolving any psychological problems a person may be facing.  We look also look at how our environment shapes human behaviour.

Cognitive Psychology

This studies the mind as an information processor. It deals with mental processes such as attention, language use, memory, perception among others. It helps understand the connection between stimuli and response in individuals.

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